Shepherd’s House Childcare Ministries .

It is in the Heart of God to help and Give Hope to Orphaned, Needy and Destitute children and we the founders of Shepherd’s House Childcare Ministries-Uganda are privileged to be involved in this humble task. We believe passionately that children should whenever possible be left in the care of their families, but we recognize that currently in Uganda there are thousands of children without anyone in their extended family able to care for them, thus left in the hands of fate. SHCM-Uganda believes that every child has the right to be cared for with Love and Dignity in a secure and loving family Unit. And that child should be supported and educated in order to break the circle of poverty and spark HOPE for the FUTURE. We know that it is a task we could never accomplish without the helping hand of friends like you. We indeed pray that you will be encouraged to partner with us to give these children the future they deserve and a dream to fulfill. Shepherd’s House Childcare Ministries is a non-Profit making, non-political, non-sectarian and non-denominational Christian Charity Organization fully registered under the laws of Uganda as a company limited by guarantee at the national level and as a community based organization at the district level. We help children regardless of race, religion or sex especially in the areas of providing education, medical care and residential care in cases where the child doesn’t have the next of kin.


Supporting and educating orphaned and needy children from impoverished familiesand empower their families with income generation so that they can be able to support their own children.


Ensuring that every orphaned and needy child is given HOPE and meaningful future through education, care and support while living with the family and Nurture their dreams.


Breaking the circle of poverty in children and their families through education

Our Staff

Jimmy Mugisha

Managing Director Shepherd’s House Childcare Ministries-Uganda

Jimmy was born in Uganda raised up by several good Christian members of the church after being rejected by the young couple that was not ready to have a child.

Life was not easy for him as a young boy having grown up as an orphan but all was to prepare him for a time like this.

God was everything to him and in Christ he had to learn to find rest and come to the full understanding that his help shall always come from God through good and faithful people who had compassion on the needy.

Jimmy’s heart has always been and still is to see that an orphaned and needy child goes to school, gets necessities of life and has a HOPE for the future. God has been faithful and every single day has been an opportunity for him to learn to abide in Christ and to father, mentor, and educate the next generation that will have a chance to break the circle of poverty and spark HOPE for the FUTURE.It doesn’t take much to change a child's life.

With compassion and humanitarian efforts combined, so much can be done. Already, lives of 67 orphaned children have been transformed. They no longer fear what tomorrow will bring, but rather rejoice when tomorrow arrives because they know they are safe with Shepherd’s House. Jimmy has worked with children in so many international children’s project; GSF is one of the few to mention. He worked as a father figure and he managed to bring up children in a Godly way. He has undergone a lot of trainings on Child advocacy, child protection and child development.

Ann Mugisha

Project Coordinator
With an extensive background in education and community development, Ann is a great asset to the Shepherd’s House. In her role as Project Coordinator, Ann will utilize her skills to nourish our students spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Ann is charged with overseeing our child sponsorship program, project development and community relations.